Intellectual Asset Network (IAN)

Blockchain Based Intellectual

Asset Economy System

IAN Outlook

We live in an advanced knowledge based information society. Whole society has been affected by the power of knowledge and, rapidly changing economic structure. Knowledge and information are no longer recognized as personal culture or qualification but as asset in itself. Unlike the spot market, there’s no distribution system in knowledge market in comparison to the growth of the value. Current knowledge market can’t reward suppliers for their information. As a result, people neglect or waste knowledge property. To solve these problems, blockchain system, AI and big data are needed. Blockchain can provide the high-quality information by preventing users from manipulating and proper reward to the information providers. Users and provider will be properly connected by AI and big data. The IAN project is a platform that connects users and providers directly to trade knowledge with IAN Coin as a payment for cultural content.

IAN Project

The aim of IAN project is to build its own social platform in the knowledge based information industry. In IAN platform, questioner and answerers can trade qualified information through Q&A system. We will give experts in each field sufficient reward when they answer the questions, and let the third parties be able to use the knowledge when they pay in wiselike(Ask Me Anything) system. The goal of the IAN lets people recognize the shared knowledge as property. In addition, the shared knowledge recorded on the blockchain will have the property rights in itself. Our goal is not only to maintain intellectual property rights but to create a secure system.

IAN Method

IAN project will adopt PoS and MasterNode methods to reward and manage platform. The masternode can manage inflation by controlling the distribution supply. This reward system also will make providers actively share their knowledge. Our goal is to create a virtuous circle of knowledge sharing by letting anyone participate in.

Coin Information

Name : ian coin Premine: 200,000,000
Symbol : IAN Blocknumber: 60 seconds
Port/RPC: 13766/13765 Supply : 4,000,000,000